Nicholas Fraser

Left Hanging


hand cut banners

dimensions variable


Left Hanging quotes unanswered messages I sent on internet dating sites. These failed efforts to spark a connection are hand cut into various materials, the letters left attached and dangling.


The viewer knows nothing of the author/artist or the recipient. Legibility is frequently compromised: all punctuation is removed, the letters are warped and distorted or the entire message is layered over images dense with competing texts. The tyvek and banner works are often hung off the wall and lit with a spot, casting strong, stark shadows that are often more clearly legible than the object casting the shadow.


But even a skimming of random passages offers an intimate portrait of a creative lifer, whose tireless sense of hope and humor belies a weary awareness of the artificial, projected nature of these online communications. Initially intended for a private singular audience, these messages, now made large and corporeal, are transformed into peculiar proclamations, meticulous shrines to longing and a tenacious exercise in oversharing.