Nicholas Fraser

The following pages are the original web-site for the Immediate Release project. Here's a portion of the statement:


In an ongoing project Nicholas Fraser plants altered press releases in galleries throughout New York. Each press release is identical to those currently available in the respective galleries with several critical alterations: Fraser replaces the artist's name and any website information with his own name and website...(a)ll biographical information, exhibition history or copy about the show itself is left intact, although the occasional typo is corrected. Placement of the bogus releases is done en masse and confined within a small geographical area in order to maximize the possibility that a gallery visitor will encounter several at different venues within a short period.


I assumed most people who found my doctored releases would see only a single example, so each release listed the web-site. Visitors could browse each press release, read the project statement (a press release of course) or survey an impressive site-only CV that compiled all the accomplishments claimed on the original press releases.


Unfortunately most perceived of the project as an amusing though self-serving stunt, a simplistic jab at the insularity of the art world (or more accurately the art market) while my name was being placed before the galleries and gallery goers. While issues of self-promotion, careerism and the difficulty of cracking the art world are undeniable components of this work, my deeper concerns lay with personal perception and assuming the identities of others as a way of emptying, even erasing one's own. In it's final form I do not believe these concerns were apparent and so I put the project on hiatus.


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